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Endowment Campaign

Endowment Campaign

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Results of cleaning a side chapel in Khonsu Temple within the Karnak Temple complex. Photo: Owen Murray

Building the ARCE Endowment is a high impact opportunity for you to partner with the most prominent American institution working to preserve Egypts cultural heritage an UNESCO world heritage sites in Egypt. Dr. Zahi Hawass said, "I am now seeing the results of these (ARCE conservation and training) projects… and can say that ARCE plays the most essential role of any foreign scientific institution in Cairo." Give to the ARCE Endowment >>


Conserved wall painting in Luxor Temple is now acknowledged as possibly the finest quality Roman painting remaining in Egypt today. Photo: Gustavo Camps

Give to the Endowment

ARCE Faces an Urgent Need

While ARCE is hailed as a major success story in Egypt, we expect current federal funding to be greatly diminished or terminated in 2014. This will radically limit our programs and impact in Egypt. Help us grow our operating endowment today so that we can sustain our core mission. Learn more about our funding mix and how we spend it on our mission >>

What You Can Do to Protect Egypt's Cultural Past and our Shared Human Legacy

As a supporter of the ARCE Endowment, you can point to ARCE's U.S. activities including publications, the Annual Meeting, regional chapters and work in Egypt and know that you've have a hand in making this worthy preservation work possible. With over 100 conservation projects completed and hundreds of Egyptian archaeologists, site inspectors, conservators, and museum registrars receiving training - you can be sure of your impact. Read more about conservation, expeditions, training, fellowships, and ARCE grants to scholars.

Give to the ARCE Endowment >>

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