AEF Recipients

2021 Recipients

Short-term (One year grant)

  • Agnès Oboussier – ‘The Edifice of Amenhotep II - Restoration project’
  • Luciana Carvalho – ‘Documenting a Forgotten Heritage - the historical urban architecture of Naqada, Qift and Qus’
  • Peter Lacovara – ‘Rescue Archaeology at Deir el-Ballas’
  • Mark Lehner, Zahi Hawass – ‘Great Pyramid Temple Project (Phase 2)’
  • Christian Leitz – ‘Conservation of the Painted Walls of the Temple of Esna’
  • Mohamed Megahed – ‘Conservation, Excavation, and Protection of the pyramid of queen Setibhor and the tomb of Khuwy’
  • Mohamed Kenawi, Marcus Müller, John Baines – ‘Regions in Flux: Documenting Egypt's Historic Landscape, Settlements and Transitions’
  • Mohamed Ismail Khaled – ‘The Pyramid Complex of Sahura: Protection, Restoration and Documentation’
  • Agnieszka Dobrowolska – ‘Rescue of The Crow’s Son Legacy Conservation of the Mausoleum of Amir Sa‘d al-Din Ibn Ghurab
  • Nora Shalaby – ‘The Rubbish Mounds of Cairo: Excavation and Field School’
  • Cristina Mondin – ‘The Amasili Complex: Change in Action for the Creation of an Integrated Cultural Hub in the Heart of Rosetta’
  • Ayman Mohamed Damarany – ‘Conservation and Site Management of the Ahmose Mortuary Complex in Abydos’
  • Anke Weber – ‘Excavating KV 11. The Ramesses III (KV 11) Publication and Conservation Project’
  • Jitse H.F. Dijkstra – ‘Revealing Monastic Life: The Ibis Hypogeum Graffiti Project, North Abydos’
  • José M. Galán – ‘“O you who shall pass by these tombs!” Making accessible 17th and 18th Dynasty tomb-chapels at Dra Abu el-Naga’
  • Roger Bilboul – ‘Mapping and Digital Display of the Jewish Cemeteries in Alexandria’
  • Rasha Mahmoud Sami Metawi – ‘The Historical Baths of Helwan: Safeguarding a Unique Heritage at Risk ‘A Comprehensive Digital Documentation, Condition Assessment, and Risk Mitigation and Preparedness Plan’

Long-term (Three year grant)

  • Hourig Sourouzian – ‘Dewatering project in the temple of Amenhotep III’
  • Paola Davoli – ‘Soknopaiou Nesos Project. Conservation and Presentation of Dime es-Seba (El-Fayoum)’

2020 Recipients

Short-term (One year grant)

  • Anne Austin - ‘Conservation and Documentation of the Human Remains at Deir El-Medina’
  • El Sayed Mamdouh El Sayed Soliman - ‘A Rediscovered Tomb in Qurnet Marei: TT382 (Usermontu)’
  • Essam Nagy - ‘The Osiris-Ptah Neb-Ankh Research Project (OPNARP)’
  • Janet Richards - 'Displaying Weni the Elder in the Sohag Museum’
  • JJ Shirley - ‘Theban Tomb 110 Publication Field School’
  • Lissette Jiménez - ‘Abydos Archive Center Conservation Field School: Preserving Archives from the Nubian and Coptic Museums’
  • Melinda Hartwig - 'Conservation of the Tombs of Rebiu and Samut’
  • Nairy Hampikian - 'Bab Zuwayla Urban Storytelling and Conservation’
  • Stacey Anne Bagdi - 'Engaging OUR Past: Celebrating the Discoveries in the Daqahlia Governate’

Long-term (Three year grant)

  • Stephen J. Davis - 'Architectural Conservation at the White Monastery Church in Sohag’

2019 Recipients

Congratulations to the 2019 AEF cohort!

  • Elena Pischikova - 'Conservation and reconstruction of the Tomb of Padibastet'
  • May al-Ibrashy - 'Al-Shurafa Shrine Conservation Project'
  • Scott Bucking - 'Beni Hassan South Preservation Project'
  • Tarek Swelim - 'Decorative Lintels in the Mamluk Architecture of Cairo'
  • Anke Weber - 'The Ramses III (KV 11) Publication and Conservation Project'
  • Lynn Grant - 'Conservation Survey of Papyrus Collection'
  • Christina Mondin, Mohamed Kenawi, Michele Asolati - 'The Rehabilitation of the Amasili Complex: Creating an Integrated Cultural Hub in the Heart of Rosetta'
  • Claire Malleson - 'Giza Objects Online'
  • Mark Lehner, Zahi Hawass - 'Great Pyramid Temple Conservation'
  • Lyla Pinch Brock - 'Restoration of the Sarcophagus Lid of Takhat in KV 10, Valley of the Kings'
  • Vanessa Davies - 'The Oxford Handbook of Egyptian Epigraphy and Palaeography'
  • W. Raymond Johnson - 'Scanning, Conservation, Image Identification, Database Design, Data Entry, and Archival Housing of the Photographic Archives of Edwin (Ted) Brock and Albert Raccah'