Aftermath of Tutankhamun's Reign

with Maggie Bryson 

King Tutankhamun: Aftermath of Tutankhamun's Reign: Episode 4

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Relief from the reign of Horemheb in the temple of Ptah at Karnak. Photo credit: Maggie Bryson

In this Episode:  

Bryson discusses the aftermath of the reign of Tutankhamun, what happened after his death as well as the lasting impacts of the Amarna period on Egypt. She discusses the role of the general Horemheb and the transition to the next Dynasty. 

About Maggie Bryson:

Maggie Bryson received her Ph.D. in Near Eastern Studies from Johns Hopkins University in 2018. She specializes in the history of New Kingdom Egypt, particularly the later 18th and 19th Dynasties. Her dissertation on the reign of the pharaoh Horemheb combines the study of art and texts to shed new light on the tumultuous period that followed the Amarna “revolution.” Bryson’s work in the field in Egypt has included five seasons as a member of the Johns Hopkins University expedition to the Temple of Mut at Karnak, where she was involved in particular in the excavation and recording of human burials on the site. In the spring of 2016, under the auspices of an ARCE pre-doctoral fellowship, she used 3D imaging to conduct a stylistic study of post-Amarna period painting and relief in the Theban necropolis. Her main research interests include the relationship between political history and artistic production, the application of digital methods to the study of ancient Egyptian art, and modern historiography of ancient Egypt. 

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