ARCE Staff

Cairo, Egypt

Dr. Louise Bertini | Executive Director 

Dr. Nicholas Warner | Director for Cultural Heritage Projects

Mary Sadek | Deputy Director for Government Affiliations

Dr. Yasmin El Shazly | Deputy Director for Research and Programs

Noha Atef Halim | Finance Manager

Djodi Deutsch | Academic Programs Manager

Zakaria Yacoub | IT Manager

Yasser Tharwat | Project Financial and Reporting Manager

Sally El Sabbahy | Site Management and Planning Manager

Dania Younis | Communications Manager

Rania Radwan | Human Resources and Office Manager

Andreas Kostopoulos | Project Archives Specialist

Miriam Ibrahim | Communications Associate

Doaa Adel | Accountant

Osama Abdel Fatah Mohamed | Supervising Librarian

Amira Gamal | Cataloging Librarian

Mariam Foum | AEF Grant and Membership Administrator

Reda Anwar | Administrative Assistant to Office Manager

Salah Rawash | Security and Reception Coordinator

Abdrabou Ali Hassan | Maintenance Assistant and Director's Driver

Ahmed Hassan | Senior Traffic Department Officer and Driver

Ramadan Khalil Abdou | ARCE Representative

Mohamed Hassan Mohamed | Transportation Assistant and Messenger

Eid Fawzy | Technical Clerk and Messenger

Nour Ibrahim | Messenger

Helmy Samir | Associate for Government Affairs

Doha Fathy | Data Digitization Specialist

Fatma Fahmy |  Metadata Specialist

Alexandria, Virginia, USA

Liska Radachi | U.S. Director

Dr. Fatma Ismail | Director for U.S. Outreach and Programs

Michael M. Wiles | Chief Financial Officer

Kristen Ferretti | Senior Financial Coordinator

Rebekah Atol | Development and Membership Associate

Jeanned'Arc Sanbar | U.S. Communications Associate

Courtney Marx | Administrative and Board Associate

Luxor, Egypt

Shaaban Mohamed | Office Manager

Ahmed Badry Abdallah Ahmed | Messenger

Mohamed Saleh Hemed Saleh | Driver

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