Egypt and the Mediterranean World from the Late Fourth through the Third Millennium BCE Conference



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May 20th- Day 2 Hosted by the American Research Center in Egypt, chaired by Dr. Louise Bertini, ARCE Executive Director

Conference: May 18-27, 2021

Each session has its own program and registration link, so those attending can attend all 4 sessions but they will have to register for each.

  • 7:00 AM GMT
  • Online-Zoom
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The objective of this conference is to bring together the latest research on the interaction between Egypt and the Levantine and Aegean worlds in the late fourth – third millennium BCE (Late Early Bronze I – EB IV / Intermediate Bronze Age), by engaging scholars working directly in these regions. Each region is represented by a different institutional partner that will host a series of invited papers related to the questions of Egypt’s interaction with that region. The conference will be held in an online format to allow for global participation.
The event will be held on four days in May, each virtually via Zoom, hosted by one of our participating organizations: 18th May (Albright Institute in Jerusalem); 20th May (ARCE in Cairo); 24th May (Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections in Amman); and 27th May (Macquarie University in Sydney). Each conference day will consist of two sessions of four 20min papers followed by a discussion.
Registration is free for all presenters and attendees. All attendees and presenters must register to be accepted into the event and must register for each date separately. Following registration, you will be forwarded all required details for attendance.