Dania Younis

Communications Manager

Dania Younis has served as ARCE's Communications Manager since July 2020. Through her position, she has been able to build a team that creatively promotes ARCE’s vast array of programs and projects while learning a great deal about Egypt’s rich cultural heritage. Younis is a certified digital marketeer with over 10 years of experience in Marketing and Communications. She has a bachelor’s degree from AUC in Multimedia Journalism and she’s always had a passion for telling stories through words, instigating change along the way. She also founded “Ehna Initiative” in May 2020, which is an educational initiative known for hosting the first anti-sexual harassment summit in Egypt. After a whirlwind of soul searching, Younis has truly found her calling in the field of development and continues to strive for a career path where she’s part of organizations that positively impact the world.

Contact information: dyounis@arce.org