Tutankhamun Centennial End of Year Campaign


To celebrate the 100th year anniversary of discovering the tomb of King Tutankhamun, ARCE is preparing a suite of events, projects, and publications exclusively focused on interpreting the significance and impact of a discovery that is considered the greatest of its kind in archaeological history. 

In celebration of this anniversary, ARCE needs your help to reignite the spirit of discovery. Your gift will directly support ARCE's Tutankhamun celebration activities, including: 

  •  A King Tutankhamun National Chapter Speakers Tour
  • Publication of a special edition of Scribe magazine devoted to King Tutankhamun 
  • A King Tutankhamun Centennial Member Tour of Egypt 
  • A special centennial conference at the Grand Egyptian Museum 
  • Welcoming Lord George Carnarvon as our ARCE 2023 Annual Meeting Keynote Speaker

By making a gift to ARCE today, you help bring this centennial celebration to life. 

Learn more HERE about the Centennial Anniversary Tour.