Work with the American Research Center in Egypt at our Alexandria, Virginia headquarters.
Project Spotlight
The effort to restore the unique wall paintings in this 18-dynasty tomb in Luxor was led by archaeologist Lyla Pinch-Brock, in partnership with ARCE and the Royal Ontario Museum.
Tomb of Anen
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From 1998 to 2004, ARCE carried out a comprehensive project to document and conserve Coptic icons - visually striking and spiritually invaluable images that are rooted in early Coptic artistic...
Coptic Icon
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Shattered in antiquity, the sarcophagus of Ramesside ruler, Rameses VI, remained damaged and undocumented until Egyptologist Edwin Brock, in partnership with ARCE, began a project to reconstruct it in...
Rameses VI lid
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ARCE's cultural heritage preservation activities in Egypt foster economic, environmental and social resiliency, speaking to the organization's commitment to sustainable practices and outcomes.
Red Monastery Landscape
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In commemoration of ARCE’s 70th anniversary in 2018, we’ve scoured the project archives to highlight seven decades of work in excavation, research and preservation of Egypt’s cultural heritage.
Detail of niche artwork at Aslam al-Silahdar Mosque
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One of the surviving Fatimid gates of the walled medieval city of Cairo, Bab Zuwayla is a distinctive monument in the modern capital and one of ARCE’s most challenging and definitive conservation...
Bab Zuwayla door restoration
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From a sanctuary of the god Amun to a Roman camp then a church and finally a mosque, the site of the Abu’l-Hajjaj mosque is a captivating melting pot of ancient, medieval and modern Egyptian heritage...
Facade of Hajjaj mosque
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A Byzantine church in rural Sohag houses some of the world’s finest ancient and medieval religious artwork and design, and is the focus of an intense restoration and community engagement initiative.
Red Monastery
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The fields of construction and preservation come together in this project to excavate and document the invaluable archaeology and monuments residing under the modern streets of Cairo’s ancient core.
Roman Tower at St. George in Old Cairo Landscape