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The Antiquities Endowment Fund awards grants for professional projects that serve the conservation, preservation and documentation needs of Egyptian antiquities that are more than 100 years old.
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Work with the American Research Center in Egypt at our Cairo Center.
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ARCE field schools have trained hundreds of Egyptian officials over two decades and fostered strong partnerships in conservation
DCP field school
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By May al-Ibrashy When the only woman to rule Egypt in the Islamic period was considering where she wanted to be buried, she could have chosen from many hallowed locations, including her husband's...
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By Kathlyn M. Cooney, UCLA For most of its history, Egyptology has looked upon tomb robbery and funerary arts reuse as aberrant, regressive and abnormal. Documents like the Tomb Robbery Papyri have...
Coffin of the Lady of the House, Weretwahset, Reinscribed for Bensuipet Containing Face Mask and Openwork Body Covering
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The effort to restore the unique wall paintings in this 18-dynasty tomb in Luxor was led by archaeologist Lyla Pinch-Brock, in partnership with ARCE and the Royal Ontario Museum.
Tomb of Anen
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From 1998 to 2004, ARCE carried out a comprehensive project to document and conserve Coptic icons - visually striking and spiritually invaluable images that are rooted in early Coptic artistic...
Coptic Icon
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Shattered in antiquity, the sarcophagus of Ramesside ruler, Rameses VI, remained damaged and undocumented until Egyptologist Edwin Brock, in partnership with ARCE, began a project to reconstruct it in...
Rameses VI lid
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ARCE's cultural heritage preservation activities in Egypt foster economic, environmental and social resiliency, speaking to the organization's commitment to sustainable practices and outcomes.
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