ARCE Annual Meeting Grant for Underrepresented Students

To benefit from the increased participation of students from typically Underrepresented Groups at the ARCE Annual Meeting, ARCE has implemented the ARCE Annual Meeting Grant for Underrepresented Students (ARCE Grant).

The ARCE Grant will be awarded to a maximum of five (5) eligible applicants who are undergraduate or graduate students and whose studies are related to (or who have an interest in studying) Nile Valley cultures through the disciplines of Egyptology, Nubiology, Africology, Art History, Archaeology, Anthropology, Classical, Coptic, Islamic, Middle East, and African Studies, or other related fields.  Awardees will be paired with Ph.D. students or early career scholars who will act as mentors during the Annual Meeting.

The ARCE Grant will pay for all fees related to (i) Annual Meeting registration; (ii) lodging costs and breakfast at the host hotel for each night of the Annual Meeting; and (iii) transportation costs (maximum $500) incurred in attending the Annual Meeting.  Before the Annual Meeting, Awardees must consult with the US ARCE Office to arrange registration, lodging, and transportation. Awardees must inform ARCE as soon as possible whether they choose to have transportation costs paid directly by ARCE (with Awardee paying any amount in excess of $500) or reimbursed by ARCE upon Awardee’s timely presentation of receipts after the Annual Meeting.

Eligibility: Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an undergraduate or graduate student enrolled and taking classes in an institution of higher education – including community colleges – at the time of application and during the Annual Meeting (unless either occurs during a break in the academic calendar).
  • Self-identify as belonging in an Underrepresented Group based upon race; color; national origin; religion; sex (including LGBTQ status); disability; or first- generation college student.

Application Deadline:  February 15, 2022.

Application Requirements:

  •  Submit a brief statement (150 words or fewer) on your research interests and how attending the Annual Meeting would fit within your research interests academically, professionally, and personally.
  • Submit unofficial transcripts highlighting courses you have taken relevant to the Annual Meeting.
  •  Submit a brief recommendation letter from an advisor, mentor or professor that describes why attending the Annual Meeting will benefit your studies/research interests.

Post-Meeting Requirement:

  • Within 10 days after attending the Annual Meeting, Awardees must submit a brief report describing how you benefited from attending.

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