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Dr. Janice Kamrin, Dr. Diana Craig-Patch and Henry Bleattler at ARCE's co-sponsored private member tour of The MET in New York

As one of the world’s oldest civilizations, Egypt’s evolution tracks the arc of human history and the development of human societies, economies and religion. Its customs produced some of humanity’s supreme achievements and created some of the world’s greatest art. Egyptian history provides us with a legacy of cultural heritage – from the pyramids at Giza; to a Greco-Roman villa in Alexandria; to Khonsu Temple at Karnak; to exquisite mosaics and wall paintings in tombs, churches and monasteries throughout the country. These monuments, artwork and artifacts preserve the human record and connect us to the past.

Egypt’s ever-increasing population, its modernization and its need to maintain a robust tourism industry as an integral part of its economy have placed demands on these irreplaceable treasures. Environmental threats and urbanization and development threaten historic sites and the artistic masterpieces they contain. If we lose them, they will be gone forever, as will the lessons they continue to teach us about our world. By contributing to ARCE, you can help preserve this priceless cultural heritage for the benefit of current and future generations.

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Donald Kunz and Bonnie Sampsell, long-time ARCE members and supporters at the 2019 Annual Meeting
Donald Kunz and Bonnie Sampsell, long-time ARCE members and supporters at the 2019 Annual Meeting
Photo: Mark Voss

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