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  • November 2, 2022 2 Episodes

The Story Behind the Akhenaten Talatat Blocks

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Part of the American Research Center in Egypt greater project umbrella of Khonsu Temple Conservation in the Karnak Temple complex, at Luxor, the Talatat Project had documented approximately 16,000 sandstone blocks from buildings constructed at Karnak by Akhenaten in the early years of his reign. The blocks are stored in a magazine adjacent to the west wall of the Khonsu Temple, which is known as the "Pennsylvania" magazine. The project started in 2008 and completed in 2012. 



About Dr. Rawya Ismail

Ismail has worked for more than 35 years in Egyptology related fields. For several years she has guided tours on a regular basis for international travel companies including Bales Worldwide, Swan Hellenic, and Ancient World Tours. She regularly guides academic groups for scholarly institutions such as the American Research Center in Egypt, Amarna Trust, Thames Valley of Ancient Egypt Society, Friends of the Manila Palace Museum, Archaeological Paths, and the Society for the Study of Ancient Egypt. 

She served as Assistant Director of the Talatat Project at Karnak Temple, a USAID-funded ARCE conservation project. 

Ismail's breadth of experience includes serving as an academic consultant to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, currently partly open, and directing the Cairo office of the British Egypt Exploration Society (EES) for 10 years during which she finished her PhD program on (Aspects of Household cults in New Kingdom sites compared with practices in Modern Western Thebes).

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