Annual Meeting

Join one of the largest gatherings of Egyptologists and enthusiasts in the world

Annual Meeting 2019. Credit: Mark Voss

ARCE convenes its annual three-day meeting at which scholars are invited to present their research findings. Each of the days is divided into concurrent speaker sessions, during which scholars and expedition leaders present their work and discuss the latest developments in their projects. Speaker sessions begin on Friday morning and end by midday on Sunday. The Annual Meeting features over 100 individual presentations.

This event provides a unique opportunity for scholars, students, ARCE members, and the general public to hear from and engage directly with those working in the field.

ARCE's 2021 Annual Meeting

The next Annual Meeting will take place virtually from April 23-25, 2021.

Call for Papers 2021- October 19, 2020- January 8, 2021

This year, ARCE is planning for a virtual Annual meeting due to COVID- 19. ARCE members who wish to present at the 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting should submit abstracts to the review committee on the All Academic platform no later than January 8, 2021.

A double-blind vetting process will be employed. Neither reviewers no submitters will be informed of one another’s identities. Abstracts should provide a brief overview of the topic, clearly state the research goals and note the impact of the work in the relevant area of study. (Results should be relayed during the presentation itself - as appropriate - not necessarily in the abstract.) In order to preserve the blind review component, text of abstracts should not include personally identifiable information.

The review committee is comprised of scholars in both ancient and modern Egyptian studies who will review submissions in the following categories:

Ancient Egypt and Nubia

  • Archaeology: includes archaeological sciences, bio-archaeology and field reports
  • Language and literature: includes philology and text studies
  • Art and artifacts: includes art, art history, museum collections and objects
  • History
  • Religion 

Conservation and Site Management: includes project reports, techniques, and training 

Historic and Modern Studies

Coptic Studies

Medieval to Ottoman Egypt

Modern Egyptian Culture and Society

History of Egyptology

Technological Advents/Advances

Before submitting your speaker abstract or your student paper, kindly review our submission and presentation guidelines, here.

To view the Student Paper Competition guidelines and additional required documents and templates, please click here.

To view abstract booklets for our past Annual Meetings, click here